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Project Name: Rectification of Driveways along Bourke Street separated cycleway / Construction of New Asphalt Footpath at Victoria Park Parade


Location: Between Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo and Crescent Street Redfern.


Client: City of Sydney Council.


As part of the Bourke Street separated cycleway works completed in 2011, a safety review determined that all driveways and raised thresholds along the Bourke Street cycleway should have a maximum kerb lip height of 10mm at each driveway, Civilcraft were contracted to reduce the kerb lip heights to as close as possible to 0mm thus being flush with the cycleway or road surface.


A schedule established by The City of Sydney allowed Civilcraft to address all areas of concern. An approved methodology took into consideration the most efficient, effective and most economic way to complete this work with the least possible disruption to all stakeholders which included residents, pedestrians and business owners. Civilcraft had to be proactive with informing all stakeholders of impending work by means of letter drops with project specifics and contact details where they would be able to request information about the works.


In addition to these works, Civilcraft were engaged to construct a new asphalt footpath at Victoria Park Parade, Zetland. These works involved the excavation of existing construction rubble, the importing and spreading of DGB20 roadbase and the laying of AC5 asphalt.


The works are to include:


- Preparation and submission of a detailed Project Management Plan (PMP).

- Submission & implementation of site specific Traffic Management Plan to Council.

- Community liaison work in the form of letter drops to each premises.

- Daily works included traffic control set up at each driveway, grinding of each driveway to 0mm, disestablish traffic control of driveways.




















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