RTH Design & Construction – Blaxland Road, Denistone Civil Works

Project Overview: Civilcraft was engaged by RTH Design & Construction to undertake the RMS Minor Works Agreement (WAD) for their property development at 135 Blaxland Road, Denistone. The development of the site with 7 new townhouses necessitated the upgrading of the street frontage including driveways and footpaths to Ryde City Council standards and roadworks to RMS standards.

Civilcraft was selected based on their status as an RMS Prequalified Contractor which gave the client confidence we could construct the works to the demanding RMS Specifications and not impact traffic operations on the RMS controlled roadway.

Project Components:

  • Obtain RMS & Ryde City Council Approvals.
  • Implement and maintain traffic and pedestrian management including ROL’s.
  • Demolition of existing footpaths, driveways, kerbs & gutters and stormwater pit.
  • Construction of a new grated inlet pit over the existing stormwater line.
  • Construction of new kerb & gutter and vehicle crossing.
  • Construction of new driveways and footpaths.
  • Asphalt resurfacing of the kerb side lane & reinstatement of linemarking.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Working in a live traffic environment while maintaining traffic and pedestrian movements.
  • Restricted working hours to satisfy permitted lane closures of clearway.
  • Protection of existing RMS assets to be retained.
  • Extensive in-ground and overhead services within the works area.
  • Client RTH Design & Construction
  • Location Blaxland Road, Denistone



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