Port Authority of NSW – Glebe Island Berth 1 Pavement Remediation

Project Overview: A number of years ago Glebe Island Berth 1 located on the eastern side of Glebe Island, was overloaded by a stockpile of dry bulk material, which far exceeded the maximum design loading of the wharf. This overloading resulted in settlement of the apron slabs. Port Authority of New South Wales engaged Civilcraft to undertake repairs to the wharf pavements so Glebe Island Berth 1 could once again, facilitate the berthing of vessels and unloading of dry bulk materials.

Project Components:

  • Site establishment including site facilities, temporary fencing, management plans, protection of existing services, installation of approved environmental pollution control measures and dilapidation reports.
  • Delineate the site to isolate the agreed works area(s) from the terminal operations.
  • Protection of existing pavement surrounding the works area and any services within and directly adjacent to the works area.
  • Partial demolition of concrete crane rail beam using hydro-demolition to expose and retain reinforcing steel, treatment of steel and reconstruction to new design level.
  • Partial demolition of heavy-duty concrete pavement and reconstruction by topping slabs cast on the existing slabs.
  • Installation of new concrete stormwater pipes and stormwater pit grate reconstruction.
  • Reinstatement of full depth heavy-duty concrete pavement surrounding the new pits and drains.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Working in an environmentally sensitive area.
  • Access to the construction site was limited due to the terminal’s security protocols and operational requirements which include MSICs and safety marshals. The construction team worked closely with the terminal operator to ensure that there was compliance with these regulations while minimising disruption to port operations.
  • Client Port Authority of New South Wales
  • Location Glebe Island, NSW



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