Department of Defence c/o BGIS – RAAF Base Richmond Engine Run-up Pad Construction Works

Project Overview: Civilcraft has been appointed as the Principal Contractor by BGIS to reconstruct the Engine Run-up Pad (ERU) that was damaged by routine and re-occurring engine runs. The excessive thrust of aircraft caused sections of the wearing course to be propelled, creating a FOD risk for aircraft. This repair was required immediately in order to maintain safe airfield operations.

Project Components:

  • Conducting waste classification and geotechnical testing of the existing pavement area.
  • Removing and disposing of material to an approved waste facility.
  • Reinstating multi-layered pavement.
  • Supplying, compacting, and laying specialty airport asphalt mix.
  • Applying rubber bitumen bandaging to all interfaces with existing pavement.
  • Landscaping to surrounding pavement as per airfield standards.
  • Reinstating line marking to MOS 139 standards.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Working in a live airport environment that requires close coordination with the airfield authorities, base operations, and other stakeholders.
  • Maintaining safety and preventing F.O.D. (Foreign Objects of Debris) risk during the construction process.
  • Ensuring effective communication for all truck movements to and from the work site with trained and approved Work Safety Officers.
  • Efficient planning to minimise the duration of works, as the Engine Run-up Pad is a crucial location for all preflight checks.
  • Ensuring airfield pavement construction meets strict regulatory standards whilst maintaining quality control throughout the construction process.
  • Executing the project safely and within a strict timeline and at the same time minimising disruption to ongoing airport operations which required careful planning, management, and execution.


  • Client BGIS on behalf of the Department of Estate Planning and Upkeep
  • Location RAAF Base Richmond, NSW



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