We are proud of what our clients have to say about our service and our proven capability.
Civilcraft is a reliable and cooperative contractor, delivering quality work with a focus on collaboration and flexibility.
Catherine BlaineSenior Manager, Asset Management & Projects
Civilcraft has been cooperative throughout the project in resolving design and construction related issues. Civilcraft has demonstrated that they have well established internal quality, safety, and environmental management systems. I have no hesitation in recommending Civilcraft as a highly competent, professional and collaborative contractor and would welcome the opportunity to work with them in the future.
Geoff de JonghProject Manager
Civilcraft continues to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, flexibility and great work ethic when undertaking works at our Port Botany terminal. The team is quick to offer solutions for any issues that arise and their workmanship has always been second to none. Works are completed in the safest possible manner given our environment is very fast paced and demanding.
Kyle RuthvenFacilities, Inventory & Projects Manager
Civilcraft’s team showed good attention to detail while undertaking work on site. Commendable for their proactive approach in the work such that the Park’s daily operations around the area can function without much restriction. The representative was responsive and quick to address site matter.
Edward KongProgram Manager Assets & Facilities Management
Civilcraft will continue to be Blue Mountain Botanic Garden’s option for high and low civil works. I feel confident in Civilcraft’s ability to deliver projects which may come under public scrutiny. A high level of professionalism and seamless procedures provide confidence in future contract engagement.
Mathew PritchardSenior Asset Coordinator
The Civilcraft team is collaborative, customer focused and a pleasure to work with. Communication is responsive and any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Campus staff and students experienced little impact from the significant works taking place thanks to the consideration of the Civilcraft crew

Judy MartinRandwick Campus Manager
During what has been a most difficult few years for the construction industry with unprecedented parallel challenges, Civilcraft executed its E S Marks Athletic Field contract with Greater Sydney Parklands during this time to high technical standards and with the highest levels of professionalism, adaptability and flexibility. At all levels of the company, from head office to the site, Civilcraft was always solution, delivery and client focussed irrespective of what hurdles came their way.
Peter McGeorgeAssociate Director, Capital Insight (Principal's Authorised Person)


We continuously strive to build upon our hard work, dedication and integrity.
2023 – ES Marks Safety Upgrade Works
CCF Earth Award Winner 2023 75%

Category 2 Winner | Project value $2 million to $5 million

2019 – Duck Pond Retaining Wall Remediation Works, Centennial Parklands
Category 1 – Finalist (Up to $2M)
2019 – Gangway Enabling Works, Overseas Passenger Terminal
Category 2 – Finalist ($2M to $5M)
2017 – New Southern Mooring Point, Overseas Passenger Terminal
Category 1 – Finalist (Up to $1M)
2014 – Qantaslink Relocations Works, Qantas Jet Base
Category 2 – Finalist ($1M to $5M)
Administration Support
in Civil Contracting
Vicki Mahony
Site Supervisor
(Contracts Under $2m)
John Vatos


By truly collaborating with our clients, we have developed long term relationships with some of Australia’s leading property owners, developers, managers and government organisations.