DPW Logistics – Park 2 PT/SC Facility Construction Works

Project Overview: Civilcraft was awarded the contract to construct a new facility at DP World Logistics Park 2. The project aimed to improve the operations for DP World Logistics in response to the increasing demand for cargo transportation through Port Botany. The facility was designed to cater to the latest industry standards and improve operational output at DP World Logistics.

The project was completed ahead of schedule prior to the industry lay-off at the end of 2022. This project proved to be a significant success for DP World Logistics, as it helped to increase the efficiency and productivity of container maintenance and cleaning. This project serves as a prime example of Civilcraft’s expertise in construction and commitment to delivering high-quality projects.

Project Components:

  • Site establishment, including installation of temporary delineation devices.
  • Demolition and excavation of existing pavement.
  • Supply & installation of electrical, communications and stormwater service infrastructure.
  • Construction of concrete trench drains and concrete awning pad footings.
  • Re-instatement of concrete slabs and construction of asphalt transition zones.
  • Construction of water treatment holding tank.
  • Construction of structural steel awnings to provide shelter for the containers and improve the overall aesthetic of the facility.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Program and sequencing of the works to complete the work on time and within budget.
  • Minimise the footprint of the works as much as possible to allow for the continued operation of DP World Logistics Park 2.
  • The project faced significant alterations in its scope and design, which resulted in a need for effective innovation and additional resources to achieve the client’s target.
  • Client DP World Logistics
  • Location Port Botany, Sydney



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