Qantas Airways Limited – Penstock Valve Installation Works

Project Overview: Civilcraft was engaged by Qantas to undertake this project involving the installation of penstock valves in precast containment pits at the Qantas Jetbase to trap firefighting foam runoff within the stormwater system. The project took place in a live airport environment and required the construction of cofferdams to work below the water table. The main aim of this project was to prevent firefighting foam discharge from entering the airports Northern Pond, and ultimately the Cook’s River.

Project Components:

  • Construction of cofferdams.
  • Excavation under friable asbestos conditions.
  • Installation of precast containment pits to stormwater outlets.
  • Installation of penstock valves.
  • Installation of valve control system hardware and software, including 2No. offsite valve activation buttons with remote monitoring hardware.
  • Installation of non-return valves on pit outlets.
  • Installation of recirculation pumps in the pits.
  • Installation of pump control panels.
  • Construction of access platform and grated gantries.
  • Adjustment of suspended bird netting over the Northern Pond.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Working in a live airport environment, requiring coordination with airport authorities, airlines, and other stakeholders.
  • Handling in-ground contaminants, including friable asbestos, heavy metals, and PFAS, requiring strict adherence to occupational health and safety regulations.
  • Working in cofferdams below water level, requiring dewatering devices and constant monitoring to prevent any major leaks or breaches.
  • Cranage, including lifting precast pits, obtaining crane permits and complying with airspace regulations.
  • Modification of pond suspended bird netting and support cables using a boat and boom lifts extended over water, requiring careful coordination to ensure the safety of workers and other personnel.
  • Client Qantas Airways Limited
  • Location Qantas Jetbase, Mascot, NSW



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