Greater Sydney Parklands – Callan Park Infrastructure Repair and Asphalt Re-sheet Works

Project Overview: The Callan Park Infrastructure Repair and Asphalt Re-Sheet Works project involved repairing and re-sheeting the asphalt through the main entry and exit of the park, as well as repairing lintels and pits. Steel reinforcement was used to marry existing with new, and concrete was poured with an aggregate finish to match the surrounding area.

Project Components:

  • Asphalt re-sheet.
  • Partial demolition of kerbs and associated stormwater infrastructure.
  • Installation of steel reinforcement to ensure longevity.
  • Concrete pour and matching aggregate finish.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Environmental controls to minimise waterway pollution, including sediment deposition, while working in pits, which required strict adherence to environmental regulations and protocols.
  • Working in a live park with heavy foot traffic, which required careful planning and coordination to minimise any disruptions to park visitors and ensure their safety.
  • Managing new subcontractors, including ensuring their compliance with all regulations and standards and their effective integration into the project team.
  • Working around live traffic, including coordinating with local authorities and other stakeholders to ensure the safety of workers and other personnel.
  • Client Greater Sydney Parklands
  • Location Callan Park



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