Botanical Gardens and Centennial Parklands Mount Tomah – Reconstruction of Underground Water Tank

Civilcraft was selected to undertake the reconstruction of an underground storage water tank. The tank was the main source of water supply to facilities located at the Blue Mountains Botanical Garden. Initial investigations determined that the soil above the existing tank was overloading the structure which caused concrete cracking in the existing roof structure and the central columns which posed a significant safety concern.

Summary of works:

  • Site establishment with the provision of safe work access including pedestrian and vehicle control measures.
  • Protection of existing gardens (outside the work zone), building and facade elements.
  • Temporary water tank to use whilst the new one was being built.
  • Bulk excavation around the existing tank.
  • Demolish existing roof and central column.
  • Clean and prepare existing tank walls and floor slab including exposing any remaining reinforcement from the existing structure and apply reinforcement protection.
  • Extend plumbing inlets and outlets through the new walls and slabs.
  • Erect all formwork associated with the construction of the walls, new central column and roof slab allowing for all manholes, grates and covers.
  • Place steel reinforcement and pour concrete.
  • Backfilling around the perimeter of new tank.
  • Waterproofing of tank internals.
  • Undertake all testing and commissioning of the new equipment, pumps, filters and electrical circuits.
  • Client Botanical Gardens and Centennial Parklands
  • Location Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens, Blue Mountains



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