The GPT Group – Armoured Joint Repairs and Concrete Repairs

Project Overview: The GPT Group Concrete Hardstand Remediation project at 57 Lockwood Road, Erskine Park, involved the remediation of joints and concrete repairs to the internal and external concrete pavements of the manufacturing warehouse and surrounding hardstand. The main component of the works required the replacement of existing joints in the Self-Loading Container (SLC) area with armoured joints to cater for the high point loads of the SLC trolleys.

Project Components:

External Pavements

  • Remediation of cracks on concrete pavements.
  • Resealing of existing joints on concrete pavements.
  • Remediation of spalled concrete pavements.
  • Re-leveling of concrete pavements (removal of steps).

Internal (SLC slab) Pavements

  • Remediation of SLC pavement including installation of 570 lineal metres of armoured joints.
  • Remediation of concrete surface.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Undertaking works within an operational manufacturing warehouse adjacent to production areas whilst limiting impact to their operations, requiring effective communication and coordination among the project team and subcontractors.
  • Working in high volume truck movement and load/unload areas, requiring a high level of safety measures and coordination.
  • Staging of SLC slab works allowing continued use of the SLC’s for the duration the works.
  • Use of speciality products, such as high early strength concrete, to allow early handover of completed works.
  • Logistical challenges of materials & personnel movement within an operational manufacturing warehouse.
  • Client The GPT Group
  • Location 57 Lockwood Road, Erskine Park



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