The GPT Group – Concrete Hardstand Reconstruction Works

Project Overview: The GPT Group Concrete Hardstand Remediation project at 29 Lockwood Road, Erskine Park involved concrete repairs and full-depth concrete pavement reconstruction to the hardstands of a freight Distribution Centre. The hardstands required repairs due to cracking, spalling and differential settlement of slabs.

Project Components:

  • Full-depth concrete pavement reconstruction including subgrade rectification.
  • Remediation of cracks on concrete pavements.
  • Resealing of existing joints on concrete pavements.
  • Remediation of spalled concrete on concrete pavements.
  • Re-leveling of grates on concrete pavements.
  • Installation of new subsoil drainage beneath internal slabs.
  • Installation of sump pump in office elevator shaft.
  • Bollard & guardrail installation/reinstatement.
  • Line marking reinstatement.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Dealing with a secure facility operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, requiring effective communication and coordination with the tenant, project team and subcontractors.
  • Completing the works to strict staging to ensure timely delivery of the project and minimise impacts to the facilities operations.
  • Working during night-time hours with 24-hour high volume truck traffic, which required a high level of safety measures and coordination.
  • Undertaking reconstruction of full-depth concrete pavements in critical operational areas under fixed time frames.
  • Maintaining strict quality control on a tight schedule to ensure the project met GPT’s expectations.
  • Rectification of unsuitable subgrade material beneath failing slabs.
  • Client The GPT Group
  • Location 29 Lockwood Road, Erskine Park



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