Goodman Group – Shirley Street Road Pavement Reconstruction Works

Project Overview: The Shirley Street Rosehill Reconstruction project involved the prompt repair of potholes formed after a major rainfall event. The rate of deterioration was exacerbated by heavy vehicle traffic. The project was undertaken to ensure the facility remained operable.

Project Components:

  • Asphalt patchwork.
  • Full-depth pavement reconstruction.
  • Rubber bitumen bandaging around asphalt patchwork to minimise the risk of moisture seepage.
  • Reinstatement of line marking.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Working on a live road with heavy traffic, which required careful planning and coordination to minimise disruptions to the flow of traffic whilst ensuring the safety of workers and other personnel.
  • Consideration for key stakeholders including local residents, businesses, and government agencies, which required effective communication and management to address any concerns or issues.
  • Maintaining accessibility to the site throughout and adjacent to the project required close coordination with the client and other stakeholders to minimise any disruptions to their operations and activities.
  • Client Goodman Group
  • Location Rosehill Industrial Estate



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