Goodman Group – Trench Drain and Pit Reconstruction Project

Overview: This project involved replacing displaced grates with new Class G grates as well as the reconstruction of damaged trench drains and pits. The job was split into two halves to ensure that one half of the road was always trafficable.

Project Components:

  • Removal of existing grates.
  • Demolition, removal and reconstruction of existing damaged drains and pits.
  • Upgrading of grates to Class G.

Key Challenges and Risks:

  • Traffic management due to high vehicle traffic required careful planning and coordination to ensure the safety of workers and other personnel and minimise disruptions to traffic flow.
  • Temporary shelter to deal with heavy rainfall required effective contingency planning and communication to prevent any delays or disruptions to the project schedule.
  • Working near heavy vehicles required strict adherence to safety protocols and procedures to prevent accidents or injuries.
  • Working with consideration for key stakeholders, including tenants, asset owners, and other stakeholders required effective communication and management to address any concerns or issues.
  • Client Goodman Group
  • Location Airgate Business Park, Mascot



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